Sunday, May 30, 2010

no slave to scale

Yasmin Smith, 2006, If I could come near your beauty with my nails, ceramic with patina.
These images of work by Yasmin Smith and are taken from the fantastic Roslyn Oxley website.  This work please me greatly for a few reasons.  Well firstly, I love all things tool and tool-related and have my own collection of old rusty nails gleaned from the system of laneways near my house. Secondly, there is something about playing with scale that really appeals to me.  I find all things miniature and gigantic captivating and they kind of crack me up.  It's something childish (in a good way).  The Alice in Wonderland factor. So thirdly, it's playful and funny and I think this is very, very important in the oh-so-serious world of art! Nice one Yasmin.

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