Sunday, May 30, 2010

movie week

I've been lucky enough to have some time on my hands this week to catch up on a few films I've been dying to see.  It was success and satisfaction all round with the non-stop fun of Iron Man 2 (any time Sam Rockwell dances on screen I'm happy) on Tuesday night and the mind-blowing Animal Kingdom on Friday.  I won't bang on about it, but am still finding myself wanting to re-watch the trailer - how is it that Air Supply can be so right?!  Seriously, check it out on youtube. I love the poster by Jeremy Saunders - the drama of it! Inspired by Caravaggio is the word on the street.  I believe he also designed that disturbing bleeding scissor image for Antichrist.  The experience inspired me to get my hands on The Square by Joel and Nash Edgerton, another nasty crime-fuelled Australian thriller, but I could easily have lived without it; mediocre.  The week was then brought to an end with Charlie's Angels Full Throttle.  See, all you friends of mine that think I only watch films with subtitles - I know how to have fun!  (To be fair though, White Ribbon is next on my list).

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