Sunday, May 30, 2010

maiden voyage

                                 HMAS Beagle
Morning folks!  Here goes my first entry; my maiden voyage into the world of blogging.  Who would have thought? Certainly not me.  I'm not really one to call attention to myself but, for a variety of reasons (which I won't go into now but may be revealed over time, who knows?), here I am.

The primary purpose of this blog was to showcase my work as a maker of contemporary jewellery and art objects. However, since my making-self is taking a vacation of sorts, I will use it in the meantime to track the journey of my musing-self as I scour the web, and the world, for images and experiences that please me and get those creative cogs turning.  

I can tell you now to expect not only images of other people's art and jewellery, past and present, but lots of film stills and cinema reference in general. Possibly some niece and nephew action.  Some of my own shots, no doubt, of things I come across in my every day wanderings.  And definitely mention of Arnie, yes, Schwarzenegger.  (Witness my effortless transitions from high to low (brow)).  Oh, and did I mention pineapples?  Plastic ones of course. I have a thing for fake fruit. There may be some real food/recipe talk however since I like a meal.  So consider yourself forewarned - art, jewellery, cinema, food, family, Arnie and even books - my favorite things.  Oh, and science and science fiction. Don't worry, it will all become perfectly clear over time (or not).  Hopefully for me too!     

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