Monday, May 31, 2010

gulag or goulash?

Ha! There has just been some confusion in my kitchen between 'gulag' and 'goulash'. Sorry for laughing at you Stu. So, if you are ever called upon to make the choice, go for the Hungarian goulash over the Siberian gulag.  Every time!

Which reminds me - over the weekend I became the proud owner of a slow cooker.  And today I acquired my very own copy of the Women's Weekly Slow Cooker book from my local newsagent for a crazy $12.95. What are they thinking? They could charge double for those babies and I'd still be blogging about it! Anyway, I did notice it contains a recipe for a pretty sexy looking veal goulash.  If any of you require further information don't hesitate to email me.  Really.