Tuesday, June 8, 2010

but wait, there's more

Selected Clones from the Arnie series, 2009
Capsule II, mild steel, copper, silver, HIPS, stainless, 2009
Capsule I, mild steel, HIPS, pigment, stainless, 2009
The Island, mild steel, silver, HIPS, 2009

It seems the blog police only allow 5 images per post, so here is my encore.

I made two distinct bodies of work.  One grew from a fascination with Arnold Schwarzenegger; the man, the myth, the mystery; need I go on?  So much more could be said but I really feel as if the time has passed -that idea was so 2009! The other was very much sci-fi based, as you can probably gather.  If you'd like further extrapolation, just yell (email may be more effective). 

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