Tuesday, June 8, 2010

and back in 2009.....

Clones from Schwarzenegger Regalia Series, HIPS, pigment, 2009
Schwarzenegger Regalia Series, cast bronze, fine gold, 2009
(Awkward) Communication Device, mild steel, 2009
Cover shot for the catalogue
Cornucopia group show, opening night, Nov 2009, some of my work
I finally got my hands on the shots of some of my work from the second half of last year.  And the end of year group show.  I know it's six months after the fact but I didn't have a blog then dummies!  (Maybe I'm the dummy.)


  1. Different designs with different colors and of different sizes and shapes are awesome.

  2. Wow really very different and unique as available in multi colors.I liked it